OsQin Crm

Customers: Feature

1Billing Address
content 1
2Shipping Address (Unlimited)
3Contact into the customer company (Unlimited)
4Attach the client at one currency by default
5Tax & Percentage of VAT / GST
6Attach a marketing staff to this customer
7Link this customer to a category
-Like B2B, B2C, Wholesaler, etc -You can setup this in the table, in the settings side
8Get an overview from this customer regarding all Quotes, Orders, Deliveries, Invoices, and in a second, you get the total paid and the balance
9Customer Rating
-How this customer rating your products & services
10Send catalogue
-If you want to send or not a catalogue or e-catalog next event
11You can get the GPS position of your client automatically base on his billing address
12You can associate this client at a payment plan
-Cash, 30% deposit sold on invoice etc.. -You can make your own list on the settings side
13Credit line management
-Give you an overview if you allow a credit like base on what was paid, what is running, and what the till available credit line.
14You can send from the customer layout an email through to your client.
-Even better, you can use a template that you will setting up for. You can use define unlimited template.
15You have 2 notes fields
-One internal and one will be printed on the sales documents
16ustomers data can be receive from Woocommerce through
but you can also amend the data on OsQin CRM and publish back to Woocommerce to update the website.
17Multipricing (Extremely powerful)
You can for instance determine a special price base on couple of data. To do this we need to consider as couple the customer side and the product side. After that, you can ‘associate’ one client to one product, or one client to a category of product or category of client with one product etc. Of course you will have to setup a start date and the end date of this operation. But you can also limited this special base on the quantity that the client order in one time.
18You can manage all papers relating at this customer into the database, to go to paper Zero and safe the planet.
Finally, you can have a look anytime you want at any documents even remotely!
19Customer notes
You can follow up all sales & contact activity with your client and even activate a reminder automatically.
If you have to visit your client you can on mobile get the right road to go!
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