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CRM Multi Currencies - CRM Multiprices

CRM Compatible Mac & Windows, and cloud


  • OSqin Crm Dashboard
    OSqin Crm Dashboard

What is OsQin?

It's a CRM, but is also an ERP, and a fantastic and powerful BACK END for your E-Commerce solution

OsQin is a new generation and high tech Filemaker CRM and Filemaker ERP. OsQin is developed with Filemaker, which is a database ‘engine’ developed by Apple™.

In fact this CRM works as well as on MAC or Windows computer. This ERP can be run on a single computer or on network or even host the CRM on the cloud. If you run OsQin on network or on the cloud you could also work remotely with an Ipad. The Iphone version is under development.

(Multiple currencies auto updated)
-Including an Approach fees module -could be imported from Woocommerce
4Products Variations
-Link with one product it's for example one tee-shirt who can be sale base on the Size and color. - Size: XL - Color: Black - Size: XXL - Color White etc...
6Commercial Orders
could be imported from Woocommerce
7Purchase Orders
8Purchase Orders deliveries
9Commercial deliveries (or Packing list)
-Multiple currencies auto updated
13Tickets Management
-To follow up all situations after sales
14Emails Multiple accounts In / Out
-External license fee
16Wordpress management
-Create, update, delete, Posts & Pages directly from OsQin Crm
17Woocommerce management
-Create, update, delete, all Woocommerce data directly from the Crm
18Multiple Websites Compatible
You can have unlimited website to manage with.
19Multiple Pricing
If you need to manage complex couple of data regarding the sales price, so this ERP will really help you. You can determine many couple of data between the customer side and the product side. (Ex: One client / One Product, but also base on the date start and date end, but also with a minimum quantity! and so many more.)
20Multiple Currencies
We integrated a system to auto update all majors currencies. But if yours are not updated you can do this manually with ease.
21Access management control per User our User group
22And so many more…

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